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14TH MAY 2022

ACTS 1:15-17, 20-26 AND JOHN 15:9-17


True friendship is a valuable and rare commodity! It is a true statement that you and I make many acquaintances as we pass through this life, but only very few true and genuine friends. In our today’s gospel passage, Jesus reveals something about the nature of His friendship with His people. When you have Him for your Friend, you have discovered a friendship that knows no limits. He is, by definition, the ultimate Friend, Pro. 18:24. The gospel gives us some insights into His friendship with us that are important for us to understand.

His investment in our relationship. Our relationship is only possible because He died for us while we were still trapped in our sins, Rom. 5:8. There has never been a greater, nobler or more costly display of love than that selfless moment when Jesus died for us on the cross. He died for those He referred to as His "friends" while they were still His enemies, Rom. 8:7. In truth, there is no one else Who would willingly die for His enemies. No one else would give his life for those whom he knew would dishonor him and neglect him. Thank God His love for us runs far deeper than we can comprehend!

His intimacy in our relationship. Jesus refers to His disciples as

His "friends". This is a term used to refer to a king's inner circle. Those who are still his servants, but who are privy to his innermost secrets. This inner circle was not to promote itself, but it existed only to carry out the will of the monarch. This must have been a rebuke to the disciples who, even that night, were spending their time seeking first place, Luke 22:24. His love for His people moves Him to lead us into the green pasture and beside the still waters of His Father's will for our lives. Because He loves us, He will not keep us in the dark concerning the Lord's will for our lives.

His involvement in our discipleship. His desire is for more than our salvation. His desire is to remake us in His image, Rom. 8:29. He does this by becoming intimately involved in our lives. He chose us, we did not choose Him, He ordained us "go and bring forth fruit." His promise is that our "fruit will remain". He also promises to answer our prayers so that we might get the job done for Him

Our motivation is our love for Him in us reaching out in love to those around us. Love is the supreme fruit of our lives. All that we do must be filtered through our love for Him and for others. We would be far better off to lose anything we have, even our lives, than to lose our love for Him and for our brethren!

Are you the friend of Jesus? Are you a friend like Jesus?Are you willing to become His friend and a friend like Him? Begin the process of becoming more like Jesus. May St Mathias intercede and inspire us to be aware of God's mighty Providence guiding every action of the Church and the world. Happy Feast of St Mathias, the Apostle!


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