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Feast of the Holy Innocents, martyrs



Yesterday we celebrated the feast of St John the Evangelist. St John told us on the Christmas day that Jesus is the word of God who was with God before the world began. God became man, in the person of Jesus, and dwelt among us, and to them that believe in him, he gave them power to become the children of God. Jesus came to his own, but some refused him, one of those who refused him was king Herod. He wanted him dead. And since he could not find him, Herod ordered that all children two years old and under should be killed. Many boys two years and below were killed. These children were innocent but they died in order to save Jesus.

What does this incident tell us today? There are many babies who are being aborted and some thrown away after being delivered today because their presence poss discomfort to the parents. Any time such acts are performed, we are like Herod killing babies. Any time a baby's right is violated, we are like Herod, trying to take away the joys of the babies.

This feast also tells us that right from the beginning of the life of Jesus, things were not easy. The road of life for Jesus came with a lot of hurdles but in all instances God's hand was felt. No matter how tough our lives may have began and may be, remember God's hand is protecting.

Let us today pray for all abandoned children. Let us also pray for all aborted babies and lastly we pray for all who are contemplating to abort that they will have transformation of the heart. God bless.


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