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7th August 2021

Deut 6:4-13

Ps 18:2-3a.3bc-4.47 and 51ab

Gospel: Mathew 17:14-20


In today’s Gospel Jesus teaches the disciples on the importance of faith no matter how little. Confronted with the healing of a lunatic, they could not effect the healing. They were helpless. Jesus told them that it was not about the absence of God’s healing power nor the lack of it but their faith instead. Thus, He told them, that if they have a faith even as small as that of the mustard seed, even mountains can be told to move from one place to another.

He reminds us that our life is involved in a struggle between superhuman forces of good and evil. We are called to daily expressions of faith, faith that prompts us even to question God like Habakkuk, yet faith that nonetheless reaches beyond human expectations, into the world to come. Either you have it or you don’t. More specifically, either you recognize it or ignore it. God has gifted us with the potentials of faith. It is not something that we produce from our toils. Our task is to make that gift of faith grow and bear fruit. Once we recognize it, we ought to appreciate it.

We thank God for the gift and wonder at its potentials. The crucial, critical, and hardest part is to use it. Living faith is entrusting fully ourselves to God’s Word. Being in faith is forgetting ourselves and submitting our will, mind, and memory to the Lord. In other words, to be a man or woman of faith, is to believe in the impossible and to be God’s faithful child.


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