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Jeremiah 18:18-20.

Psalms 31:5-6,14-16.

Matthew20:17-28. Christ is taking time to slowly take the disciples on a journey. The journey that Christ is telling them, isn't a journey of smiles at all times. This journey will have ups and downs. The aim of the journey is to arrive to the great city, Jerusalem. This great city is where he shall be handed over to the Chief Priests and the Scribes, this will be followed by condemned to death leading to his death and resurrection on the third day. Christ solves it all with the matter of a chalice. Drinking the chalice of Christ. The chalice of Christ is about suffering. This suffering comes about through the journey. You will have to loose your life and gain another life. The weak and evil deeds must be lost in order to gain eternity. The chalice of being like Christ. Drinking this chalice demands that one becomes like Christ. You have to be in his school in order to be his student. The chalice of service. A true disciple of Christ is a servant. It's about doing all the things in the name of Christ and for the sake of Christ. This service demands doing to others what you would have them do unto you. The chalice of humility. This reminds us that we need to be lowly. Humility demands that we become servants.

No one drinks from this chalice when there is a vice. The other disciples thought the sins of Zebedee had been promised great things. The vice of jealousy. We need to eliminate all vices within us.

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