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In the First Reading, the Lord God, spoke through the mouth of his prophet Isaiah, that He is a God who comforts, strengthens, and encourages. He did that for His people in the past and He will do it today.

We are called to focus on our liberation from sin and evil to the glory of the Lord that is shining upon us during this season of Advent. The Lord, the good shepherd cares for each one of us. He is not a God of vengeance who punishes without mercy. Though He abhors our sins, He always gives us the chance to turn back to Him.

In the Gospel, Jesus presents God as the shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine sheep and goes in search of the single one that is lost. Not a vengeful God but a God who cares for all his children. When we go astray, God goes in search of us to bring us back to the flock. Even the wicked and the greatest person is sought after by God, not to punish him but to bring him to salvation,back to the fold.

May this season of Advent bring us to the consciousness that our God invites us to be comforted, to be strengthened, and to be encouraged. He is not a God who is seeking us to be punished for any wrong done but in stead to invite us to follow the path of reconciliation so that we may be comforted and strengthened. Even if we are lost the Lord still calls us to reconciliation and back to his fold.


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