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25TH MAY 2022

Today is Wednesday 25th May 2022. It is the Wednesday of the 6th week of Easter.

We are in the period of Eastertide. A period of 7 weeks in which the Church joyously celebrates the joy of the resurrection of our Lord.

It is a moment of celebration of the rebirth, recreation, transformation and glorification of man and mankind. Due to the resurrection of our Lord man is no longer under the bondage of sin, death and darkness. He is free to enjoy the life, joy and peace of the children of God.

Throughout this period Our first readings have been from the Acts of the Apostles: they describe the historical growth and geographical development of the church from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

This was only possible because of the power of the Holy Spirit. The apostles were mere human agents; the real power was that is the Holy Spirit.

Our today's first reading reminds us just that: that if preachers go out to preach in their own names or in the power of their own selves- their missions is doomed to fail and end in frustration and failure.

God's work/mission is only performed in His name.

Let us pray that we may always seek God's favour as we work for Him and in His name.


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