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Thursday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

1. Collaboration and Cooperation.

Jesus began to send out the disciples two by two and gave them authority over the unclean spirits. "He sent them two by two to provide company and support each other in their ministry. Two people on a journey are able to complement each other. This means that our Faith should be in communion with other people. No man is an Island. We need to unite and collaborate together in the Church worship.

2. Successful Mission requires trusting in God for our needs. Jesus commanded the disciples to take nothing for their journey. No food, no sacks, no money except sandals. This reminds us that the material possessions that God have blessed us with should not become an obstacle in serving Him. Jesus wanted the disciples to learn to trust in divine providence. To be a follower of Jesus Christ we should be ready to detach ourselves from material possessions and learn to trust in Him. He is always ready to help us with what we need while worshipping Him.

3. Power to overcome challenges.

Jesus warned the disciples that in some instances they will be rejected. He encouraged them not to give up when they face rejection. He promised to accompany them in all the journey they made. He gave them power to bless those who welcomes them and curse those who resist them. Today Jesus is telling us not to give up when we face challenges in life. We may be abused, rejected, persecuted etc. while serving God but we should always trust in him. The difficulties we face should bring us closer to God and make us strong in Faith.

4. Our Mission must bear fruits.

As the twelve went out to preach repentance to the people, they were able to cast out many demons, anointed the sick with oil and cured them. Because of trusting in Jesus they were able to bear fruits. Our service to others and to the church should be geared towards bringing newness in our Christian community. As Christians, we need to go out and fight all the evils that are destroying us. For example, greed, selfishness, avarice, unfaithfulness, corruption, blasphemy, immorality, gossip, anger, revenge etc. For us to bear fruits we need Jesus in our midst.

My dear brothers and sisters, Jesus is our role model in the above prophetic roles. We need Him in our lives for us to succeed. We need to collaborate and cooperate with others as we serve God. We need to preach repentance to all humanity. We should seek to enlighten, inspire, guide other people to God. We should also be ready to condemn and warn the evils in our society. Let's pay attention to God and He will be attentive to us too. Our priority should be to serve God.

I wish you a blessed day.


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