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Amos 7:12-15;

Ps 85:9-10,11-12,13-14,

Eph 1:3-14; Mk 6:7-13

We are all called and sent for an Apostolic Mission

Part of GOD’s plan for salvation is to call individuals to be spokespersons for GOD and to send them out on a divine mission. Amos, a prophet, is sent to challenge the wealthy and sinful. The psalm describes the benefits of GOD’s plan being announced: mercy, peace, justice, and forgiveness. St. Paul begins his letter to the Ephesians with a prayer of blessing and praise of GOD. In the Gospel, Jesus sends His disciples on missionary activity.

In our first reading, we see Amos being dismissed by Amaziah because Amaziah does not like the message which is being preached by Amos. Amos tells him that it is not his own message but God’s message and that he preaches at God’s command.

In our gospel, we see Jesus sending out the Twelve in pairs to preach and to cure. It is this Jesus who leaves us with a mission. Just like Amos, he picks us up from where we are and takes us where we need to be if we hold on to his promise in faith. Today’s gospel draws a close resemblance to our world today. Jesus was rejected in his own town; many doubted him, possibly labelled him.

Jesus’ instructions to the apostles are very specific. He repeats the mission that they are sent to preach and to share his authority to heal and to drive out demons. Jesus sends them in pairs, establishing his mission as a communal endeavor. Jesus also instructs them to travel lightly, without the customary food, money, and extra set of clothes.

As Christians, if we want to stay close to Jesus and follow Him, we must avoid unnecessary things that make our hearts heavy and hard for Christ. We have to let go of the people and things that drag us behind. We are called to free ourselves from superfluous things and excessive attachments of this world. People must talk, be ready to receive criticisms. We are called to shake off the dust. When we are rejected in life, we should not give up. Dust usually accumulates and weighs us down. We should always be on the move and resolve to change and be good Christians. These instructions mean that the Twelve will be dependent on the hospitality of others, just as Jesus depended on others to provide for his needs.

Jesus continues to send us into the world as his disciples. But like the first disciples, we are not sent alone. Jesus has given us the community of the Church, which strengthens our life of discipleship. The Christian message can only authentically be proclaimed in and through the community of faith that is the Church. In our work with others, we build this community of faith and can invite others to share in it.

No matter what people may think, the message of God cannot be silenced simply because they may not like what it says or who is preaching. We are the successors to the twelve disciples and we are the Church and so we too should proclaim the kingdom of God to the people of our own time whether they like it or not, knowing that a great reward lies in store for those who listen and believe.

My dear brothers and sisters, we have been called by the Lord Jesus. It is not just for our own sake that we have been called. It is for the sake of God and the spread of the Good News. The Lord’s call is personal to each one of us but it is not a private matter. All of us have a calling to make a difference in the lives of the people around us. We are being sent to try to assist others and help them come to a better appreciation of their being loved by God.

May we continue to respond to God’s call and seek to do what God is asking us to do so that the Good News can be proclaimed to others.

“God did not add another day in your life because you needed it, He added it because someone out there needs you”

Stay Blessed


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