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Monday of The HOLY WEEK

Isaiah 42:1-7

Psalm 27:1, 2, 3, 13-14

John 12:1-11

The mission of the prophet Isaiah would be to bring justice for the poor and the marginalized. Somehow, that was in line with the complaint of Judas about the ointment that Mary “wasted on Jesus, when it could have been sold and the proceeds given to the poor. The response of Jesus implies that the poor could still be taken care of even after the ointment had been poured on him. Pouring the ointment on him did not stop anyone from caring for the poor if they wanted to. People should not use excuse of doing one good to avoid doing another equally important good.

There is never a time the Lord rejoices at the death of a sinner or a wicked person. Instead, He wills that a sinner should repent and return back to him. If the Lord should mark our guilt the Psalmist says, none of us will stand before him. However, He gives us opportunity to turn away from evil ways and live. True repentance and reconciliation begins with honest and sincere acknowledgement of the sins we have committed and be truly sorry for them, then we make a resolve to leave our old life behind and become a new person in Christ.

True repentance comes with the desire to love like Jesus and be willing to make sacrifices for the good of the other. If this is not our goal, then, it will be very difficult for us to do what will be acceptable and pleasing to the Lord. Let not shame or what others think or what know about you prevent you from turning to Jesus with a contrite heart for that is the most important step in our journey of faith. Jesus came only to redeem us from our sinful nature, hence we should rather take courage and proudly do that which pleases God alone. His love draws and invites us to consider on the odds or situation around. Let us embrace it with an undivided heart.

Let us pray:

Lord make us like Mary, respond to the unconditional love of God always, above all things.



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