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JOHN 3: 1-10.

PS 51: 3-4, 12-13,18-19.

LK 11:29-32. Do you ever wish that God would give you a sign from Heaven asa way of giving you some definitive guidance or direction in life? Do you look for signs from God and rely upon them? If God were to give us some clear sign in life revealing His will, we should take it as a gift and be grateful for it. But receiving a sign from God is different than seeking a sign from God. In the passage above, Jesus strongly condemns those coming and seeking signs. Why is this the case? Why does Jesus speak strongly against seeking signs? In large part because He wants us to seek Him through the gift of faith. Jesus states that no sign will be given except the sign of Jonah. The “sign of Jonah” refers to Jesus’ Crucifixion, death, three days in the tomb and Resurrection. Jonah was three days in the belly of the whale. Jesus was telling them that He would be three days in the tomb. But the key is that Jesus’ death and Resurrection is the sign that will be given. We should seek nothing other than this central mystery of our faith. Every question, problem, concern, confusion, etc., can be answered and dealt with if we simply enter into the great mystery of our redemption by entering into the life, death and Resurrection of Christ. Seeking a sign other than this would be wrong in that it would be away of saying that the death and Resurrection of Jesus is not enough. Reflect, today, upon the greatest “sign” God has ever given. And if you find yourself struggling with questions in life, turn your eyes to this one definitive sign. Turn your eyes to the central mystery of our faith: the life, death and Resurrection of Christ. It is there that every question can be answered and every grace is given. We need nothing more than this.


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