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11th October 2021


Romans 1:1-7

Ps 98:1.2-3ab.3cd-4

Gospel Lk 11:29-32

Today’s Gospel is quite challenging, especially for us Christians who have so many facilities and are much privileged to have the graces that the Church bestows to us to grow in faith and love of God. The gospel talks about people who amid many reasons and facilities to love and serve God and convert they still refuse to do so thinking that they need something greater to get transformed.

We as Christians have got many and different means for our salvation given by the Church, starting from our baptism which allows us to belong to God’s family through the sending of the Holy Spirit upon us with all its gifts which helps us to establish a sound relationship with God and with our brothers and sisters; we also have the sacraments which are invisible signs instituted by Christ for our salvation, which also bestow necessary graces for our sanctification and salvation; we also have the sacrament of reconciliation that keeps us always in grace and contact with Christ whenever we repent and ask for forgiveness, and other sacraments that are the bridge of grace and salvation.

Do we still behave like that generation that needs a sign to convert? Are all these graces not enough to believe and convert? If we do not take the issue of conversion seriously and continuing wasting the graces from God which many people pray to have them and they do not have at their disposal, we shall stand before Pagans who never had these graces to be judged by them by misusing all these signs and graces out of God’s love. Just think about all those people who even can not have a priest to say mass for the whole year or even more than that, people who wish to get the sacraments which we have gotten, people who would like to have an opportunity to confess their sins and get God’s forgiveness but they do not have that chance, but we who have the chance we do not make use of it and we still refuse conversion.

May God help us to love him and serve our brothers and sisters through the means of salvation at our disposal and in particular through his Son Jesus Christ whom He sent for our salvation.

“The men of Nineveh will arise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it.”

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