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Updated: Nov 9, 2021



Wisdom 1:1-7; psalm 139:1-3.4-6.7-8.9-10; Luke 17:1-6

The first reading exalts the value of wisdom. Wisdom is somehow different from intelligence because wisdom goes beyond a mere intellectual activity. Wisdom is a fruit of a life that seeks God by all heart with sincerity. To seek God is not just a matter of knowing him by theological concepts but above all is trying to have a solid relationship with Him and make Him part of your life always.

So, the first step to get the spirit of wisdom is to seek God, then the spirit of wisdom enable us to be prudent, to deal and overcome daily temptation that we all go through as human; the spirit of wisdom makes us understand the real meaning of life and that we are here in this world for a purpose and loving one another is more important than material goods, so it allows us to recognize others as God’s blessing in our lives and makes us live the real brotherhood and sisterhood we were called to live on Earth.

In the Gospel, Jesus speaks about forgiveness and avoiding the temptation to ourselves and also not to make others sin or be their temptation. All these are possible with the spirit of wisdom which only comes from God because our human effort will never be enough to be able to always forgive those who wrong us and to overcome temptation. Only the power of God can assist us to do that.

The topic of forgiveness is one of the most talked about and, the less practiced, and the enemy of forgiveness is pride which makes us full of ourselves and closes our hearts from giving others the chance to become new persons. Forgiveness is therapeutic to those who are on the wrong side because we help them to forgive themselves and we give them the chance to rescue their self-esteem and dignity obfuscated by sin they have committed and make them new creatures who desire to correct their mistakes and move on in a different way.

Jesus says that we must forgive because we all need forgiveness from God, so in the same way re asks God to forgive us, we must be ready to forgive others and give them the chance to correct their mistakes and be a new person as we also ask God to give the same chance to us.


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