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In the first reading saint Paul writes to the community of Thessalonica giving them a kind of order regarding to resurrection of the bodies. But the point is that all those who have believed and live according to God’s law will be resurrected unlike those who lived without any hope or even without faith that Christ will resurrect them. This is very much encouraging to us who believe in Christ and in his power to raise us up from the death; but to be among those who will be resurrected Christ wants us to conform our lives to his teachings and all that is just and good for us and for others.

In the gospel Jesus goes to the synagogue and read the book of prophet Isaiah where he found what we call the programmatic text of Jesus ministry. In fact, in that text it is mentioned the main reason why Jesus came on Earth and accepted to be like us humans: Jesus has come to give hope and light to the marginalized in the society, to be their voice in claiming for justice and their dignity, and in fact, Jesus was able to fulfill this mission and it culminated in giving up his life on the cross; He went up to the last consequences in order to be faithful to his mission.

Each one of us has a purpose for being in this world, and striving to know that purpose and fulfilling it should the most important thing we should do because it will give meaning to our existence. Our existence is directly related to our purpose. This is the uniqueness of each single life: our purpose. It is unique because if we fail to do what we were born to do no one else will do. It can happen in life that someone else might do what you do, but no one can do the way you do, and that is the uniqueness of our existence and if we fail to do so, we are damaging and being unfair to the humanity because we will not be giving our contribution to the world.

As we thank Jesus for being faithful to the purpose of his life and we benefit from that faithfulness, we want to ask Him to give us strength to carry out our mission in this world with zeal and faithfulness up to the end and never allow any obstacle to make us give up.

“The spirit of the Lord is upon me...”


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