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The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe



Daniel 7:13-14.

Psalm 93:1-2,5.

Revelation 1:5-8.

John 18:33-37.

Christ is King

Today's feast came at a time when the people had really ignored the Son of God. Today's passage of the Gospel from John is an expose of the issue of kingship. To be a King means to have a throne. To be a King also means to be highly secured and protected. It means to be well kept and loved. It's a sign of having many servants around you. Our king on the contrary has none of these. *He is King because of the Truth.* It's the truth that he teaches and preaches that makes him king.

This passage of the gospel is a dialogue between Pilate and Jesus. How lucky Pilate was to encounter Jesus but he couldn't see it. Where Christ is he must be seen as king. Among the weak, poor and needy we need to see him as king. Among us as Christians we must see Christ as King since he alone keeps us strong in faith. When good things happen as well as bad ones we need to see that He is King. He is King not because of our abilities but due to his power in our lives. Christ's kingship is not a political one but one of humble service. It's one of total love and hope. His kingship is of the Cross. To you this message goes to today. To me the feast is clear. Christ is the King. He is all I need. I therefore need to give the King a positive answer in order for him to keep reigning. He is King.

Christ has used all means to make you realize his kingship. Just say Yes. Don't wait till it's late to recognize him. He was, is and will forever remain as King.


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