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12th October 2021


Rom 1,16-25

Psa 19,2-3.4-5

Luke 11,37-41

The first two verses of the First Reading, that is Rom 1,16-17 present the theme of the entire Letter to the Romans. In these verses, Paul offers us the basis of his affirmation that he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which he has been called to proclaim to the nations.

We are also called for a very special purpose and we shouldn't be ashamed to spread the Gospel be it at home, work, School, or our encounter. The spreading of the message must go on in our daily living.

St Paul lays emphasis on the nature and essence of the Gospel as “the power of God saving all who have faith”. He sees faith as the basis of salvation so that if a person does not have faith, he/she cannot experience the saving power of God. This calls us to spread this message through faith. Like Paul, we should not be afraid of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the foundation of our faith.

Jesus said in Matt 10, 33 “the one who disowns me in the presence of human beings, I would disown in the presence of my Father in heaven.” As people of faith, we are called to witness to Christ in every life situation. We cannot be Christians only in the quiet of our rooms or on Sundays. We have to be Christians wherever we are and at every moment of our lives. We have to stand for the truth of the Gospel in every situation. We should not be afraid for our lives because we witness to the faith. Our uprightness can lead to people persecuting us but we should remember that it was not different with Christ


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