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1ST JULY 2022


The Gospel makes it clear that As Jesus passed by, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the customs post. Now the question is what happened after Jesus saw the Tax collector Matthew. First of all, it was not and ordinary Gaze, rather it was a divine gaze. Jesus not only saw a Matthew who was at the tax booth, only collecting the taxes, but Jesus saw much more than these external things. Jesus saw in Matthew, a committed disciple, a person who will show his willingness to follow Jesus, a person who will be able to give up everything, for the sake of following Him, a hidden intellectual person who will later write the Gospel narrating the events of His life, a generous person in Matthew, a person who will follow Him immediately. That is why the gaze of Jesus was something special and powerful, which was directed towards a person to change his life for the better the Pharisees on the other hand saw Jesus, who called to be the Messiah, mingling with sinners, tax collectors, and those with whom he was not supposed to mingle.

They saw that there is something wrong in Jesus. They saw something unusual, which they could not digest. They saw that their tradition and customs were challenged by Jesus by doing all those things. Finally, their seeing was directed only in finding fault with Jesus, belittling Jesus, branding and insulting Matthew and his company for doing the work of tax collection. Such seeing neither helped them to grow nor allowed the other person to do their work. Their seeing was so miserable that showed some kind of jealousy, hatred, unhappiness for doing something Good How do I see things in Life? What is my gaze at people? Is it a pharisaic gaze, which is qualified by, jealousy, seeing always negative in everything, hatred, destructive criticism, gossip, unhappiness for something good happening in someone else life? Is it a Jesus gaze? which always sees great and wonderful things in another's life? Which sees the hidden capabilities, skills and talents in others? Which sees some unseen beautiful aspects of human life?


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