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The enemy of Jesus were determined to destroy Him, but his work would go on. At this very time, he took steps to ensure this by choosing the twelve apostles. He prepared for this crucial even by praying to God. Jesus had a lot of things on his mind, but he didn’t sort through the decision making process all by himself. The very first place we turn to, should be to turn to God in our prayers, and yet He is often the last one to be consulted. Prayer is something God does into Himself through you.

He prayed on the mountain, isolated from all human, contact, alone, and close to God. The prayer he offered lasted all night. The world was shrouded in darkness. In the Presence of God who alone is great, everything else receded into the ground. (Lk 5:16)

In Prayer, Jesus was united with God; God’s will was His will and it was according to Gods will that he chose the apostles. From these Apostles, the tradition of the Church has been handed over hitherto it has reached you. Jesus was the center as the corner stone (IS 28:16) and power went out of from him; he had been anointed with the spirit. Anyone who entered into contact with these circle, and through them with Jesus himself, had himself, had a share in the blessings which accompanied the time of salvation.

Did you happen to notice that the gospel today said that Jesus spent the entire night in solitude and prayer? How often do we use the excuse that we don’t have time to pray? Jesus made prayer the first priority in his life. But, prayer is often the last thing on our mind when we have a problem, or need to make a decision about something.

The source of Christ’s power already originated within him, but Jesus received extra strength, grace and support during the solitary times of prayer that he spent with his Father. We also have the ability to make our own decisions in life, but they turn out so much better when we carefully consider the facts of the situation, and seek God’s guidance first, before we make any decision about it. We need God’s grace and His strength, to see us through the challenges and difficulties we face in life. Without God’s grace, our best laid plans could fall apart if it wasn’t His will to begin with.

May God bless you and keep you always in his love!HAPPY FEAST TO YOU ALL!


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