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From the first reading, St. John is reminding us of something very profound that we really need to ponder today. He is reminding us that we are not just here to live like a tree, rather we are accountable for the free gift of life we live her on earth. There is judgment at the end of our lives based on the type of life we chose while living on this earth. So our life is a life of choice. (Deut 30:15-16).

Life is a journey between two alphabets B and D; it is B to D, From Birth to Death. But what is Between B and D, Its ‘C’ so what is a ‘C’? It is a CHOICE. Birth and Death are fixed but how you live can be decided by you. Life always presents us with a variety of options from which we can choose, if we make the right choices, it leads to success, fulfillment and happiness. The Wrong choices lead to misery failure and gloom. It is not only the choices we make but also the commitment to these choices that enables us to make our life either more degraded or holy sublime noble and happier.

We live our lives we build our lives one day at a time very often, giving less than the best, into the building little do we realize that the house we are building day by day, we have to live in that house to eternity(Heaven/ Hell). And therefore make your choices right, keep your attitude proper, on your daily basis put your best material into your day, put the best workmanship into building your day, because based on what you build today, you have to live in it tomorrow and it is written in the book of Life that will judge you at the end (Rev 20:12).

And if for some reason you haven’t done it well and you can’t revisit and change it now, God is very kind. He is giving us another chance, every day in the sacrament of reconciliation, choose rightly, and build wisely, because based on those right choices and building our life day by day, we will experience our life in its true fulfillment and purpose.

Similarly in the Gospel, Jesus is telling us to notice the signs of the time so we can discern what is of real value and what is fleeting and make a choice. For there are mainly two things that remain recorded in the book of life: The words of Jesus and the deeds of the just

May God bless you and keep you always in his love!BLESSED DAY TO YOU ALL!


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