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Gen 49:2,8-10; Ps 72:1-4.7-8.17; Mt 1:1-17

The gospel reading shows the many names of the family tree of Jesus. Just like us, many members of Jesus’ lineage are imperfect, for example, King David who had an immoral affair with Bathsheba. Solomon was a big time womanizer; he was not faithful to the Lord as well. Jesus’ ancestors were not perfect, but God chose Jesus to belong to that family tree to show us that despite our sinfulness, God still wants us to belong to Him.

God in His infinite wisdom believes in our capacity to change for the better we who are sinful. God knows that deep in our hearts we yearn to leave behind our sinful life. He believes that someday somehow we shall be able to see the light. And that light is Jesus.

The two key names in that list are found together at the beginning of the list, almost as introduction to it, Abraham and David. When Matthew tells us that Jesus is the Son of Abraham, he is stating that Jesus is a Jew and his story is woven into the larger story of the Jewish people. Jesus is the Son of David; he is establishing His credential as the long-waited Jewish messiah.

We are reminded that our own Christian faith emerged from the Jewish faith. As Jesus had Jewish roots, so our spiritual and religious roots are to be found in the Jewish faith, which is the reason to why the Jewish scripture remain important for us as followers of Jesus.

God is offering us Jesus who is ever ready to redeem us from our sins no matter how grievous our sins are. God is so merciful that He doesn’t discriminate whoever comes to Him. He doesn’t judge us. He rather looks at our desire to renew our lives and leave behind our sinfulness.

This divine subsistence is made possible through God appointing leaders who search for His heart and His will.

The link of human will to God’s will enables the people of God to pass through all the circumstances. Without God’s will, then the Kingdom crushes. It would be meaningless for any king of the dynasty to ignore the will of God. This would not only endanger the prosperity of such a Kingdom, but it would be acting foolish.

Like Judah’s dynasty, we are also presented with the genealogy of Jesus. Since the foundation of the world, Jesus was destined to be born of the Davidic dynasty. Interestingly, the genealogy of Jesus is a mixture of people who were good and also those who had weaknesses. But how would God allow people who are sinful to play a role in the birth of His Son Jesus? The Holy One of God.

This brings us to the real meaning of advent and Christmas season. It is a time to relook into our lives and see where we have failed to live our Christian calling. It is also a time to seek forgiveness from God who sustains us despite our weaknesses. Lastly, it is a time to start afresh opening our lives to be shaped and be used by God in whatever ways he would wish to use us. After all we are His creatures and we cannot do without His help. He can draw straight lines even in crooked lines as we are reshaped and raised by the birth of Christ.


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