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Friday of the 4th week in ordinary time

3rd February 2023


From the First reading, we get to learn one identity of Jesus, that, Jesus Christ remained the same yesterday and today and forever. This is the demand that Christ is asking from us His disciples, that no matter what happens, that brotherly love should never cease, we should never neglect to show hospitality to strangers, that in our freedom we should never forget the prisoners, we respect the marriages and keep our lives free from money.

Christ is communicating to us that, to be able to say, we actualized all our resources and produced all the results and all the results could not contaminate the core of our being. We remain what God created us to be. The world around us, the toys around us has changed but we remain who we always were. This is only achieved through Self-Mastery.

What is self-mastery? Anybody who succeeds in life, in search for him five things will come; Money, Fame, Power, Position, Opposite Sex. Anyone who becomes a slave to any of these five will eventually loose, His or her peace of mind, lose his character, lose her name, lose everything. It really doesn’t matter how you have succeeded in life, if you lose yourself, you lose everything, and if you preserve yourself everything is gained. Very powerful resources: Money, power, position, fame, opposite sex. They will all come after you whether you are a saint, sister or a priest, married or unmarried. Whatever you are, if you go up in life.

I can give you 100 thousands of people who become victims to any of these five and defame themselves: from time of Plato to Modern time, completely prostituting who they are for the sake of these five, victimizing themselves. People who are worshipped, Respected, because they became slave to any of these. A very vivid example is given in the Gospel of King Herod, a very noble and respected man, opposite sex, wealth, power, position and fame, took control over him, he ended up being a victim and slave to his own promises and being manipulated by his own young daughter.

If you have to ever look into the eyes of God and Never feel a moment of shame and instead God smiles and tells you, for the creatures, I have created I am proud I created you. There is only one way to achieve this Self-Mastery.To be able to say, I actualized all my resources and produced all the results and all the results could not contaminate the core of my being. I am what I always was. This is only achievable because the Lord is always our helper and He always want us to imitate Him in all ways.

May God bless you and keep you always in his love!


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