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17th February 2023


From the Gospel, Jesus is clearly giving us two kinds of identifications; that one can identify with his life or the other with Jesus and His Gospel. But the truth of the matter is that choosing one results to losing the other.

In the Gospel, Jesus is warning us that, Yes, you may decide to identify with your life but still you will lose your very life. Why because your life is limited and only confined to the worldly alone. What about eternal life, you will end up losing it. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?

The moment there is limited identification, there is a conflict. If you want to become free from other limited identification that you have, you try to shake off it, it doesn’t go no matter what you do. This has made people ready to lose even salvation and are a shamed of taking Christ as their Savior.

Then what does Jesus Christ wants of us after destroying our identification with our life? He wants us has to have ultimate surrender, which is that you are not identified with your own ideas, emotions, family and world. Once we keep this aside completely, a new dimension begins to function within you, Jesus Himself becomes active within you and any cross that comes thereafter will no longer be seen as a burden, for they have understood there is a larger purpose for it. There is glory of the Father and his angels.

How can this happen within us unless we look up to the cross and invite Jesus the crucified to assist us carrying the cross. There is no easy way to the top. If you have to go to that top branch of faith, you have to suffer the process of climbing. We are talking about a man who is the epitome of compassion why should he be crucified? So that the message called Christianity can live on. You are asking why Christians are put through difficulties, so that they can reach the hands of their master Jesus Christ.

May God bless you and keep you always in his love


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