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From the first reading we get to understand the love that God has for humanity, that he made us his possession and allotted inheritance! (Dt 32:9) (Eph 1:11-14) Rom 8:17). God indeed has been our eternal relative since the creation (Gen 1:27), He accomplished all things in Christ and we who have believed in Him have been sealed with the Holy Spirit. Today in the Gospel, Jesus affirms that, this love of God is beyond human’s comprehension, that eve the hairs of our heads are numbered! (Lk 12:7).

What has made this noble gift of God to humanity unrealized?

In the Gospel, Jesus mentions hypocrisy as the main reason. In fact, if anything has eroded our peace of mind, if anything has stopped the spontaneity of our life, if anything has stopped us from flowing in life, if anything has dented our self-image, for the sort of life many of us have lived and for the sort of produce many have produced, for the sort of success, for the sort of good human being we have been. Sometimes you feel confidence, sometimes you feel infuriated. there is only one reason. You are trying to pass the judgment of everybody. If there are people who do not love themselves, there is only one reason, you don’t love yourself because you are judging yourself through the eyes of others, and you feel you are not good enough. (you are of more value than many sparrows)

You cannot stop judging yourself because you have not stopped judging the world. It’s very unfortunate that we don’t know even the role that judgment is playing in our lives. In fact, judgement is playing a more powerful role in our lives than God Himself. We even fear the fellow human beings than we fear God who can destroy both the body and the soul. Is it not true that we try so hard to appear so righteous before others than we really are before God? But I will tell you whom to fear (Lk 12:5)

The extent to which you are affected to the judgment of the world, to that extent you are least peaceful. The extent to which you are not affected to the judgement of the world, to that extent you are more peaceful. (Mt.7:1-5)

Your judgement and your God’s judgement you need to pass. First don’t miss yourself, two don’t let the world not miss you. Three do not miss this life. Make the most of it and live authentic life (2 Tim 2:15).You are only responsible to your conscience and God. The world and the people are insatiable for they judge you based on their perceptions which are in constant flux. May God bless you and keep you always in his love!



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