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Go out into the world and make disciples of the world!

Saint Paul filled with Fury left to persecute the Christians. His intention was that the persecution was going to be done to glorify God. On the way, he encountered Christ, who asked him why he was persecuting him? Paul, as at then, was called Saul. Saul did not know by then that persecuting the Christians he was persecuting Christ himself. This encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus changed the life of Saul who then became Paul.

An encounter with Jesus in any way will always bring a transformation. Paul who was persecuting the Christians, after encountering Christ, has now become a strong Defender of the Christians. The zeal and enthusiasm of Paul was not thrown away. Jesus encouraged him do use this same zeal and enthusiasm to preach the message of Christ to the rest of the world.

In the gospel Jesus encouraged his disciples to go out to the whole world and to preach the good news. When we are called, Jesus uses our personality to glorify God. Some may be introverted while others may be extroverted. Jesus will always want us to use our introvertedness or extrovertedness to win people to him.

Today, the Lord is requesting of each one of us to go out to the world and to make disciples for him. Will you say yes?



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