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Saturday of the second week in ordinary time

Heb 9:2-3.11-14 Psalm 47:2-3.6-7.8-9 Mk 3:20-2 Today’s Gospel is very short but full of meaning. Two things capture our attention. On the one hand, the capacity of Jesus to attract thousands and thousands of people who are ready to listen to him anytime and anywhere, and on the other hand, the misunderstanding of Jesus’ mission by his friends and family members. It is important to remind ourselves that, throughout the Gospel of Mark, no one really understood the mission of Jesus on earth and who He is, not even the Apostles who were with Him every day, except the demons (Mark 3: 11; Mark 5:2-7). Perhaps those who lived in the time of Jesus found it difficult to understand Jesus and his mission. Anyone in that situation would easily not understand Jesus. Understanding Jesus, even today, is a gift. Our Faith is a gift. We, who live today are beneficiaries of some two thousand years of reflection on the ministry and life of Jesus and that is why what seems easy and commonplace for us, were hard mysterious issues back in the day. Due to our history, we understand today that Jesus gave himself

totally to the proclamation of the kingdom of God to the extent that he did not even spare time for himself. Jesus is God’s response to man’s needs. When God gives, He gives everything including himself. God became man in order to give himself for our salvation, for us to have life and have it fully. This gift of Himself which began at the incarnation reached its culmination on the cross. When we look at the crucifix, we understand how much Christ loves us by paying with his life for our salvation. Thus, by giving ourselves daily for the sake of others (husband, wife, children, neighbour etc.), we fulfil and participate in that gift of Christ.

The gift of Christ continues even till today. Jesus gives everything to those who press around him and seek his attention and love. The easiest example to instantiate this is the perpetual presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. In the Eucharist, we experience God. The Eucharist is all of God, given to us, to be taken into our little hearts and bodies. Sorry for those who don’t have chance to participate and receive this wonderful gift!

Let us pray

Lord Jesus you give yourself totally to us so that by receiving you we may be come godlike. May you be our support in our journey toward perfection. Through Christ our Lord.



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