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The first reading gives us the vivid description of the story of the creation of God: how He created heaven and earth, light and darkness, the sea and the land etc. For each one of them, after creating He sees it is good. I will wish that each one of us will take a bit of time to read this creation story again.

It is a beautiful story.

We are all the work of the hands of God. And after He created you, me, He saw His creation was good. What are you returning to God after creating you this good. There is a saying which goes: what you are is God's gift to you, what you will become is your gift to God. Never give God takataka, for He created you good.

Jesus after encountering the sick, gave them another opportunity to renew their relationship with God. He made everything new. His fame grew but he wasn't after fame, he was interested in making people renew their relationship with God. He expects each one of us to renew our relationship with God. As a Christian, what effort am I making to make God's children renew their relationship with their God? He makes all things beautiful in his time, we also have to do our part.


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