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27TH JUNE 2022

MEMORIAL OF ST CYRIL OF ALEXANDRIA, MON JUN 27 ( Amos 2: 6-10, 13- 16, Mt 8: 18-22 )


In todays first reading, prophet Amos reminds the Jewish people to stay focused upon God who is ALWAYS with them. He points out that God is not only aware of their sins, but also that they often tend to forget the many times God has forgiven them and delivered them from evil.* He points out that our inability to maintain focus upon God leads to quick judgments, unkind thoughts & words, and inability to see the needs of all those God has placed in our life.

*Beloved, In the gospel Jesus calls each one of us personally by name and he invites us to follow him, What an awesome privilege and an awesome responsibility.* Jesus promises to give us all that we need to follow him and more. *He made sure that "would-be" followers knew what they were getting themselves into. Before following Him, think what you are about to do and count the cost. A disciple must be willing to part with anything that might stand in the way of following Jesus.* Have you made your decisions or still preparing? He wants us to choose Gods kingdom first and to detach ourselves from anything that might keep us from following Him

*Friends the Lord Jesus fills the hearts of those who accept his invitation of discipleship and friendship with the outpouring of his love into thèir hearts through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The love of God frees us from attachments to other things so we can give ourselves freely to God for his glory and for his kingdom.* May the lord grant us his love and grace as we surrender to follow him unconditionally with all our lives. *Have a blessed week.*

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