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Memorial of Sts. Joachim and Anne

26th July 2021

Ex 32:15-24. 30-34,

Ps 106:19-20,21-22,23,

Mt 13:31-35


Big things starts from small beginnings. When God wants us to experience the goods of Kingdom like peace, love and justice he gives them in “seed” or to use another metaphor, in “yeast” form.

Today’s gospel is about the parable of the mustard seed and the yeast. What do mustard seeds and leaven teach us about the Kingdom of God? Mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds but when it grows it becomes a tree.

This is also similar with the Kingdom of God. It starts from the smallest beginnings in the hearts of men and women who are receptive to God’s word. It works unseen and causes a transformation from within. The same is true with yeast.

Yeast is powerful agent of change. When dough has no yeast, it remains dough, nothing changes in its shape. But when yeast is added to the dough a transformation takes place that produces rich and wholesome bread that when heated which it becomes the staple food for people.

The kingdom of God produces a transformation in those who receive the new life which Jesus Christ offers. When we yield our lives to Jesus Christ and allow His word to take root in our heart, we are transformed and made holy by the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

I will propose to you two things for us to reflect on based on this gospel passage:

The first is, God’s Kingdom must grow in our hearts. For a mustard seed to grow it needs to be planted. And it is through God’s grace that this kingdom grows. But we have to do our little part for God’s grace to enter our lives.

The little part that we can do is our little effort we exert like for example: to go to the sacrament of reconciliation and perform our penance afterwards and God does the big part, that is, He takes our soul from a state of death to new life.

God’s part is the significant part.

Graces are meant to last for a lifetime and they do when they are nourished with generosity and prayer. We must always stay close to Christ in prayer and become channels of good works, rendering always more and more spiritual fruit in the world around us.

Second is, we must always give good example. Jesus says: “The birds of the sky came and build their nests in its branches.” In other words, by our good example others build nests in heaven. We need to give witness to the “other” way, the way that leads to Christ’s Kingdom. “Some people will change when they see the light. Others change only when they feel the heat.”

Dear Christians, We await the transformation that Jesus works in us every day. Be that little mustard seed, or that teaspoon of yeast to others. Be compassionate, stay formed in the word of God, and for the love of God, be kind to one another. It only takes a little bit of compassion, patience, love, tolerance and joy to make the difference in someone’s life.

May God continue to bless and protect us.


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