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9TH MAY 2022

ACTS 11:1-18 AND JN 10:1-10


We find gates in all most in all the compounds, or in the entry to a building or to an important place. First of all, gate is the instrument, which gives us the safety from harm, danger and evil things. Gate is the symbol of protection and safety. Where ever there is a gate it gives us the safety and we are able to live in a peaceful atmosphere. Secondly Gate also an instrument which has the access to inside and also to outside. So, it is an instrument to pass from inside to out and outside to in.

The nature of the gate is to allow what is good and to block what is bad, and evil

In today's Gospel Jesus says that “I am the Gate”. He is the gate for the sheepfold. Since we are all the sheep, we can enter only through this door. So, there is a need and necessity for entering through this gate, if we want to get inside. One can't get inside, without passing through this gate. All the followers of Jesus are supposed to enter through this gate to save themselves for eternal life.

The various aspects of this Gate through which we need to enter everyday are: Gate of Forgiveness* very necessary to enter into the mercy of God. Gate of Humility* in order to become great in the sight of God, we need to enter through this gate. Gate of compassion* to see the face of Jesus in others. Gate of Love* to know and experience God himself in our life. Gate of Sacrifice* to enter into the kingdom of God need to enter through this gate. Gate of Generosity* entering through this gate will bring about many blessings of God. Gate of Sharing, service, concern, speaking well about others, helping hand will lead us into holy life and to eternal life. Gate of prayer* directly leads to heaven. So, we need to enter through these gates in order to experience the real teachings of Christ and to become His genuine disciples

Gate gives entry to a place; Barricade blocks the entry and denies one to go to the other side. If so, is my life a gate or a barricade? Does my life lead someone to practice forgiveness, love, care, concern, humility, sacrifice, happiness? Or my life blocks all these above-mentioned things and makes every one’s life miserable, including mine? Christian spirituality consists in making one’s life a gate like Jesus and not a barricade.


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