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Thursday of the 2nd week in ordinary time.

The Memorial of St Agnes, virgin and Martyr. 21st Jan 2021.

Our gospel today shows Jesus Christ, the high priest who cares for his people. People were coming from all directions to meet Jesus because of what they had heard of him. They were coming to seek help for their immediate needs. Jesus didn't turn them away instead he welcomes them all. Many people wanted to touch him in order to get healed others with evil spirits called out to him "you are the son of God "and he cleansed them.

My dear brothers and sisters Jesus is our high priest and Mediator. As the first reading is teaching us, he is able at all times to care and help those who draw near to God through him. He is holy, blameless, unstained, separated from sinners, exalted above the heavens. He is our role model whom we should embrace and emulate. My fellow Christians, we always conclude our prayers by the phrase "through Christ our Lord " The constant use of this phrase should make us mindful of two truths about Jesus. First, Jesus is our priest, he offered himself once and for all on the cross in order to save us. He is the Son of God who was made perfect forever. As a priest he is our mediator to God. He makes us to belong to God's family by the virtue of baptism.

Secondly, Jesus is our intercessor. We never stand alone in life; we are one with Christ. Jesus Christ as our intercessor, is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven. He points out our needs to God. Through the sacrifice he offers to God, he carries with him our needs and prayers to God the Father. Just as he was full of compassion to those who were sick, he cares for us too.

We pray therefore that he may see our needs and offer solutions to all those things disturbing us every day. They may be sickness, violence in marriages, lack of jobs, anger, lack of peace, bad habits etc. Just as he didn't turn away those who came to him for help, he won't turn us away. He was full of compassion for them and anxious to bring healing into their lives.

He welcomes those who approach him with faith and trust. A good example is St Agnes whom we celebrate her feast today. Despite threats and sufferings, she proclaimed Jesus Christ through her faith with great heroism.

I wish you a blessed day.


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