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Regaining Our Spiritual Health

12th Feb 2021 – 5th Week of Ordinary Time First Reading: Genesis 3:1-8. Ps. 32:1-2. 5.6.7

Gospel: Mk 7: 31-37.Gospel: Mk 7: 31-37. Dear Christians, our today’s readings are focusing on fortunate and unfortunate moments of mankind. In the first reading, man is unfortunate! Why? he falls into sin after eating the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil. The curiosity and desires of Adam and Eve led them to be disobedient to God. This had direct consequences of being sundered off away from God’s grace, and falling into evil ways. They are now out of the Garden of Eden. Fear and mistrust inhibited the open spontaneity of their relationship.

The paradise is indeed lost! What happened later? God did not abandon them, for indeed he patiently sought to be reconciled with man through the incarnate Christ. Through Him, the paradise was regained. The gospel manifests the regaining of paradise by Jesus’ healing the deaf and opening of the new life. The word Ephphata means ‘be opened.’ Is this phrase relevance to us especially in our today’s life corrupted by evil? We have allowed sin to corrupt and cloud our judgments, our minds and hearts. Jesus is now here to open and heal us from the spiritual problems. He is here to heal us from the root of all evil and suffering, He alone can forgive us.

Now, as Christians what then is our attitude towards the Lord? Are we willing to listen and welcome Him into our hearts and minds? Or have we allowed the devil to tempt us and to sway us such that we place our desires, our pride, ambition and ego above our love for the Lord whom we have to be loyal and have faith in Him? Shall we repeat the mistakes made by our predecessors, all those who have chosen to follow the devil’s lead instead of the Lord and His path?

We have freewill to discern what we want in our lives. Let us all discern carefully how we are to proceed from now on, remembering always the love and patience that God has for each and every one of us. Let us all turn towards the Lord with a new heart and with a new faith. Let us all appreciate all that He has done for us, welcoming Him into our midst and allowing Him to touch our lives. Let us open ourselves to His healing and purge from within us all traces of stubbornness and faithlessness.



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