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18TH JUNE 2022


Our first reading is from 2nd the book of Chronicles. The word "chronicles" literally means

"a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence".

The book of Chronicles traces the history of Israel from Adam and Eve until the Babylonian captivity.It lays special emphasis to the tribes of Judah - from where King David came. It also emphasizes on the re- establishing of the true worship in Israel. As such the Covenant made to David and temple worship are given a very import part in the books.

The books remind the people of Israel that God had been their help in all ages. However the people had failed to keep the covenant and God would punish them for that.However upon repentance He would forgive them, strength them and help them to rebuild their temple and city.

The books thus portray God as the powerful and faithful provider of His people.

Today's reading exposes the weakness and failures of King Joash climaxing in the killing of the prophet - Zachariah- and God's vengeance I'm having Joash executes and Israel being attacked and taken captive due to their negligence of the Covenant.

Ezra the priest and scribe is generally considered the author of these two books.


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