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2nd October 2021


Bar 4:5-12, 27-29

Ps: 69:33-35, 36-37

Mt 18:1-5, 10

The feast of the Guardian Angels is very important for us Christians. It provides us with the opportunity to appreciate the infinite goodness of God. In His love and Divine Wisdom, the Lord has provided each and every one of us with a special angel to attend to our physical and spiritual needs and to secure our salvation.

Angel means messenger sent to brings God’s Word and Message. Angels are created by God. They are pure and real spiritual beings. They have reason and free will. They have what we call infused knowledge, not like ours. Angels are made to serve us and to lead us to God, our Creator.

When some of the angels decided to disobey God, they become enemies of God, known as Satan. They were chased from heaven and came to earth with all the power and authority given to them. They come to the earth to lead and manipulate humanity to oppose God and his will. God sends guardian Angels to each individual to defend him from the influence of Satan. What does the guardian angel do to us?

The Book of Exodus tells us that guardian angels are to guard and protect us from any evil and danger

in our journey to Eternal Life (Ex 23:20). Living on earth, full of evil and temptations which are beyond our capacity, we need supernatural being to help and protect us from the power of Satan.

Guardian Angels are also given to us to lead and bring us to Eternal life. Guardian angel is to assist and lead us to God, to praise Him, to love Him and to adore Him. Since they are in full communion with God, they bring us to God.

Guardian angel also inspires us to do good and to avoid evil. The guardian angel can inspire our mind and heart to do what pleases God. He also commands us to avoid what is bad in the eyes of God and anything that harms us or other people. But guardian angel respects very much our freedom and choice.

Another role of the guardian angel is to intercede for us. Since the angels are constantly in the presence of God praising and adoring Him. Our guardian angels pray and intercede for us at all times especially in a trouble and challenging time we pass through.

And lastly the guardian angel advocates for us before God during the last judgment. Our guardian angel has always been with us during our lives, he knows us through and through. When we come to the last judgment, he will speak and plead God’s mercy on our behalf. What should we do in the presence of our guardian angels?

The first thing we need to do is to be aware of the presence of our guardian angel. We should always remember that we are not alone. Even if we can’t perceive him with our five senses, he is there as the biggest supporter we have ever had, seeking what is good for us. Secondly, we need to make our guardian angel our best friend and companion in our life. We need to be sensitive in his voice and commands though our conscience.

We should talk and listen to him. Lastly, we need trustingly to ask for his help in whatever we do. We should avoid disobeying our guardian angel. Let us remember our Guardian Angels. Let us thank our individual angel, for his protection and leadership. Let us ask him to always remind us of his presence with us so that we may walk in harmony with him towards our Heavenly home. Let us thank the Lord for this spiritual gift.


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