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2ND APRIL 2022


The gospel passages these days already introduce us the mystery of Jesus Passion, death and resurrection. The gospel of John presents us the beginning of Jesus conflict and controversies with the leaders of the churches at that time: Pharisees, Sadducees and the scribes. In the Gospel of yesterday, Jesus was already very conditioned and limited in his pastoral ministry. He could not freely and publicly enter in the feast Jewish feast of the Tabernacles. It was big and great celebration in which the Jewish celebrate and commemorate the feast of harvest. Because of the plan of the Jewish to keel Jesus, He was very much limited in fulfilling his teaching and pastoral ministry.

In the Gospel of today, the people were confused about the mystery of Jesus. Some have already the clue that He is the Great Prophet the Lord will send to lead and bring the Israelite people to God. Some already thinking that He is the Christ, the One God, from the beginning, promised to send to bring salvation and deliverance for his people under all political and economic slavery.

Al this brings confusion to the people about the identity of Jesus. Because of that the Gospel of today said that people were divided in their understanding about Who Jesus is and what his Identity is. Because of all that, the Jewish became more and more furious about Jesus and they continued to plan for his death to eliminate Him from the living as well as to avoid division and separation among the people and their leaders.

It is true the identity of Jesus was kept as mystery for those people at that time. They could not understand Who really He was and What His mission was.

The first reading of today shows us that Jesus Messianship is not what the people understand. Jesus is the promised Messiah; He is the King of the universe. But his Lordship and Kinship is very much different from the world understanding. His Messianship involves suffering and death. His action of redemption and salvation involves his Self-sacrifice, shedding of his blood as the sacrificial lamb. He offers Himself for the sake of many. He pays peoples’ sins with his own blood. And He was eager to fulfil his Mission and he offered Himself to those who planned for His death.

What we can learn from the reading of today is about our own understanding and believing in the Lamb of God who takes away our sin. Who is Jesus for me? What is the meaning of hispassion, death and resurrection for me? What has he done for me?

Jesus has already freed us from the slavery of sins. He already delivered us from the snares of death and of hell by offering his own blood on the cross. But do we live in that state of salvation? Do we acknowledge what He has done for us and live that New Life He has given us?

As we are approaching the Great Mystery of our Salvation, the Mystery of Easter, let us prepare ourselves to be worthy of that salvific work of Jesus. Let us imitate Him and take part of that mission through our continual conversion and renewal of mind and heart.


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