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9TH APRIL 2022


Today, a day before Palm Sunday when we celebrate the great celebration of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem with full of Glory. But that praise and glory people gave to Jesus did not last up to the end because, it became betrayal, from praising Him as King to denying and betraying Him to be crucified. This is the great Mystery of Jesus earthly life.

The Gospel of today focuses on how the public and salvific ministry of Jesus brings about his death.

Jesus was teaching people on how and what to do to inherited the Kingdom of God. This starts from the inner conversion, or deep change of mind and hearts. No one is sinless and no one is worthy to face the Glory and Salivation God gives us. Therefore, everyone needs the real and true conversion of heart and deep change to be able to face God and his Glory. Conversion and change of heart, therefore, are the ways and source of Salvation.

Jesus was also preaching about the Kingdom of God. That is God’s rule and power, authority over the world and all creatures. God’s Kingdom means God reign and dominates and rules the universe. Everything on earth is under his rule. Jesus’ coming and his presence is already the sign and the beginning of this Kingdom He preaches.

Jesus was also doing and performing miracles and wonders in the worlds. Jesus has powers to perform miracles because He is God and God rules and control everything. Miracles are signed and the beginning of God’s salvation and restoration of the disordered nature. By doing miracles, God brings the initial goodness and order of the nature He created. Sicknesses are signs of evil and disorder in the world. Since God is the Creator, the source of everything on earth; He also has authority to do whatever He wants from his miracles. Miracles Jesus performed in his public ministry involves, healing of the sick, freeing the tongue of the mute, opening the ears of the deaf, multiplying loaves, changing water into wine, cleansing the lepers, and even restoring life of the dead person, and so on… All this shows that God is already presence and He is working and bringing order and harmony in the universe he created.

All this presents and reveal who really Jesus is and what his mission on earth is all about. He is God, and He came to bring salvation to the earth.

In consequence, the Pharisees and Sadducees as well as all the Political authorities of the Jewish have to eliminate Jesus because He brings about religious and political revolution. Jesus’ works and teaching are threats for them and for their authority. Therefore, the solution is to remove Jesus among the living. They plot his death and they did manage to kill Him. But by plotting Jesus death, without knowing, they pushed Jesus to fulfil His Salvific Mission through his PASSION, DEATH AND RESURRECTION. The effect of Jesus’ public ministry is his death. This is the mystery of Christ and we are going to celebrate this coming week.


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