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Is 62: 1‐5; Ps 96: 1‐3, 7‐8, 9‐10; 1 Cor 12: 4‐11; Jn 2: 1‐11

Much has been said and written about the Wedding at Cana. It is surely one of the most popular events in the life of Christ. The events of these happenings reveal a great deal about Jesus as being One who was a social Person; One who was kind and tender to His mother: and, One who was a miracle worker. These things form only a partial list of Jesus attributes as He attended the wedding and as One who did His first miracle at a house of a friend or of an acquaintance.

Besides all of these good things one can say about Jesus and this most wonderful event, there are some other key items one can study which make this first miracle of His stand out as being something special.

I see three things regarding this wedding for my study today and they all relate to this happy time. The first thing I note is about the SETTING of this event. The second thing I see is in regard to the SUPPLIES of this event past and present. The last item, which I wish to explore, is in regards to some of the

SYMBOLISMS that are present for our study and appreciation.


The scene before us is a happy one. Two people were to be married, and as the custom of the day was, the wedding feast would last seven days. Following this, the groom would take his bride into the bridal room and consummate the marriage. The festivities would be over and the couple would start their time together as a married couple. During the week of activities, the groom would supply the necessary food and drink for all of the guests. This is the very point that did not happen in this wedding and as a result, it led to the first Miracle that Christ preformed as He began His ministry. Christ was a Social Being. He seemed to fit in with everybody and the one who invited Him must have known that Jesus would like to be a part of some simple social event of His day. Couldn’t Christ attending this social event foretell of the great social time in the future at His Marriage Supper of the Lamb? However, there is something strange about Christ coming to this wedding‐He came on the third day. We are not told where He was on the first two days of the feast, but He arrived on the third day. Jesus will come to us at a point of shame to get rid of it.


With the wine running out, the situation turned from grave to seriousness. What was to be done? Without hesitation, Mary turned to Jesus for help. Even though He had not done a miracle up to this time, Mary knew her Son and yet recognized that He was also God’s Son‐indeed God Himself. I am amazed at the Suddenness of this miracle. Maybe it is through a Bible passage we read that supplies our needs. Maybe it is a prayer; maybe it is a sermon; maybe it is a song; or, maybe it is through some kind words spoken to us‐whatever it is, the Suddenness

of God’s care comes just in time.

Besides the spontaneity of the miracle, I notice the Simplicity involved here. Again, is it not like our Lord to do things in such a simple matter? Coming to Him for our salvation is such a simple thing for Him.


With all that has been said about the Wedding at Cana, there is just that much more to be said. The setting of this most joyous event made it the social event of the year for the couple who were married and probably for the guests who attended. It is necessary to remember that Christ attended this social event for various reasons;

A. This Wedding at Cana serves as a type of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb replete with the Bride of Christ‐the Churchenjoying Feast in Heaven with the Groom.

B. With Christ there is always a sufficient supply for one’s wants. He worked a miracle at this wedding and He still works miracles today to everyone who comes to him for salvation.

C. Christ Supplanting even surpassing, the Old Testament with the New Testament. The Governor said that the new and the best wine was saved to the last, just as God saved the New and the best Testament of His grace until the last.

D. Finally, the last symbol I glean from this Wedding at Cana, is the fact that He is busy Securing for us a new Home in Heaven. Just as the groom, went to secure a home for his bride before the wedding feast, Jesus, the Groom of His bride‐the Church, is busy Securing our home with Him once the Marriage Feast begins and ends. Along the way, He will make sure that we will not run out of blessings because He has saved the best for the last‐our future wedding with Him.


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