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St Joseph, A Virtuous Man

Solemnity of St Joseph: Husband of B.V.M, 2021

Lent Week 4

First Reading: 2 Samuel 7:4-5a.12-14a.16 Ps. 89:2-3.4-5.27 and 29

Second Reading: Rom 4:13.16-18.22-10 Gospel: Mathew 1:16.18-21.21a Dearest Christians, in a special way, this year is dedicated to the reflection and intercession of St Joseph. Today we celebrate his feast as the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Gospel does not record a single word from him; his language is totally silence. The Gospel describe him as obedient to the angels voice in the dream, committed to his family and to the manual labor, which earned Jesus the reputation of being “the son of the carpenter” (Mt. 13:55).There is nothing else known of him, and it might well be said that he lived an unknown life as an artisan. Nevertheless, from the little known about him, we can mature in our Christian life by imitating his virtues.

1. He Was a Just Man (Mt 1:19) The bible refers him as a just man. This means he was a man of integrity. He was well respected in the community with a good reputation. He was convinced of doing what was right and just always. The question is, what can other say about my integrity?

2. He Does Not Take Joy in Seeing Others Suffering

After learning of Mary’s pregnancy before their official marriage, he never neglected her. When I suspect others of doing wrong what is my immediate reaction? Do I keep things to myself or do I start gossiping and making it public?

3. He Was Obedient

The scripture tells us that, immediately he woke up from the sleep, he did exactly what he was commanded by the angel. He willingly accepted to play the role of the foster father of the son of God. Can I make sacrifice for God? Am I interested on what I get from God more than what I should do to God? Am I faithful to my vows I made to God?

4. He Was a Committed Man

He had total commitment to Mary and Jesus He had the burdens, the responsibilities, the risks and the labors surrounding the holy family. His was the service, the work and the sacrifice. The question is, am I committed to my family? Do I perform my roles pertaining my identity in the family without complaining?


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