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Memorial of Saint Andrew Kim Taegon, priest and martyr, and Saint Paul Chong Hasang, catechist and martyr, and their companions, martyrs

1 Tm 3:14-16

Lk. 7:31-35


St. Paul's message to Timothy is a message for all of us as Christians today. St. Paul encouraged Timothy to be a man who is upright, and to live the Christian values in everything he does. Living the authentic Christian life, he must give in to hear says which will sway his Christian living. He shouldn't be a people pleaser but a true follower of Christ.

The Gospel message of today also encourages us to be upright in our way of living as Christians. This is brought out strongly in the advice Jesus gives to his listeners, and actually He was quite strong in his presentation. People will attack you in everything you do but be firm in faith. They criticized John the Baptist and they criticized Him, and we will not be exempted from being condemned and criticized. If they did that to our Spiritual Master we will not be exempted from it. We only have to be sincere, authentic, in our Christian faith.

STAY strong in faith and do not give up on God, for he wouldn't give up on you. God richly bless you ❤.


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