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In the second reading of today, Saint Paul gives us the three fundamental virtues in Christian life and vocation. They are faith, hope and charity. They are also known are theological virtues. The three of them are infused and free gift from God. No one can possess them without being open to God. Therefore, disposition, or openness to God is the condition to receive and live thm. They make one to be truly and fully son and daughter of God.

These three fundamental Christian virtues are connected and go hand in hand to make one perfect in his journey toward holiness. But Saint Paul also affirms strongly that Love or charity is the greatest among them.

By faith, one believes in God and believes in all that He has revealed as well as what the church teaches and stands for, that is about the Truth about Jesus Christ. This virtue leads one to be, more dedicated to God and put God as his or her principle of life. It is the faith that leads him or her to seek and know God in whatever he or she does in life. One comes to realize through faith that God is the source of everything in existence; including our life and He has plan for each and every one. The virtue of faith makes one aware of the constant presence of God in his life.

We are believers; have already received the baptism. We have professed our faith. But do we live it out? Do people outside see and be able to read our faith though our lives? Do we live and behave according to our faith? Because faith without act is dead and nothing (Jam 2:20). This is a very good and worth reflection for us to see our life as Christians.

By hope, one desires God and with steadfast trust, awaits for his coming and his reign to come as He promised, eternal life. Because of hope, we, confidently, expect for the new life to come. Life does not end here on earth. Earthly life is just the beginning of the next to come which is Perfect, Beautiful and Eternal. This virtue of hope makes us to live a life according to what we hope. If we want to have a wonderful life in the future, as God promised us, we have to prepare for it by doing and living all that it requires from us. This is all about life in the Spirit; that is guided and oriented to the beatitudes.

How is our hope and trust in God? Do we put our trust in Him in everything and in every situation in our life? Do we have confidence and hope in his divine assistance in our life? Do we see His invisible hands working in our life in all circumstances we face?

By charity, we come to realize our primordial call to love God above all things as well as to love and serve our fellow human being, God’s image. Charity is the mother of all virtues and “it binds everything together in perfect’’ (Col 3:14). Love is the New Commandment of Jesus Christ. All that Christ did is just because of Love. This is the highest level of all virtues. This is the only Virtue by which one becomes like God Himself who is Love. Love goes beyond this earthly life but the other two virtues: faith and hope end when we meet God face to face.

How do we understand about love? Do we really love people or we are just swimming in a Selfishness? Love has beautiful fruits in life. The fruits of charity are joy, peace, and mercy. Charity demands beneficence and fraternal correction; it is benevolence; it remains disinterested and generous; it is friendship and communion.


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