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Saturday of Third Week in Ordinary Time

When we look at the texts proposed to our reflexion today, the question that first comes to our mind is what is Faith? What is Faith all about? Why do we need faith? The readings of today give us some hints about these questions.

First of all, a simple definition of faith is that it is, Faith a complete trust or confidence in in someone or in something. And for us Christians, Faith is a complete trust and confidence in God and what he has done for us through Jesus Christ.

In another words, Faith is like a blind old man guided by a small boy and they walk along the road and marketplaces. The man puts his full trust and confidence in the small boy and never doubts whatever the boy tells him. He just follows him and his guidance.

There is no fear or doubt in faith as the letter to the Hebrews tells us, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen (Heb 11:1).

The first reading of today gives us good examples and models of faith: Abraham and Sarah. Both had very strong faith and full trust in God and followed whatever He told them. And because of their strong faith, they received great reward from God. As Christians we have to learn from them in our Christian journey. If we do so, we also will be rewarded at the end of time.

In the Gospel, we see the power of Jesus over the forces of nature. He calmed the storm and commanded even the wind and the waves to obey Him and to spare the boat and the disciples in it. The same, in our lives, there are many kinds of storms that daily challenge us. We need full trust and confidence in Jesus in whom alone lies power and all comfort. There is neither disappointment nor fear when he is with us and when we abide in Him.

Lastly, the boat is a representation of the church that unites all believers. This boat, the church, passes through violent waves and strong winds in the society and the world of today. Amidst these difficulties and challenges, will we jump out of the boat and look for other comfortable life that the world gives? Or will we remain faithful to the Lord our God and cling strongly to Him in faith? Will we resist the temptations to abandon Him for other good things: pleasure and temporary satisfaction in the world? Let us reflect on our daily attitude when we face challenges and difficulties in our daily lives. Let us put in mind that Jesus Christ is the source of everything and he has power over everything. It is enough to put our trust in him and ask him to save us in our stormy realities.


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