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1st July 2021.


Today we read of an extraordinary test that Abraham was asked to go through by God. It is to be understood as a test and not a temptation. God never tempts his people to wrong but things are allowed to happen to confirm our faith or prove a commitment we have made to him. In today's narrative, we see Abraham’s faith at its highest and best. Even though the command (to offer Isaac as a sacrifice) made no sense from a human point of view, Abraham intended to obey it through faith. Am sure he must have asked himself many questions, but still, in such great trial, he trusted in God.

In this Abraham’s narrative, we see a picture of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of sinful humanity.

First, Abraham teaches us what a man would do for the love of God. But at Calvary, we see what God would do for the love of man.

Secondly, Abraham was only asked to sacrifice Isaac but God himself sacrificed his only son. Jesus had to endure death to obtain redemption for sinners. Abraham offered his son, the father offered his Son.

Third, Isaac carried the wood, Jesus carried the Cross. Isaac was laid on the altar; Jesus was nailed to the Cross. Abraham was willing to put his son to death, The Father willed that his son should die for the sins of the world.

Lastly, God provided the ram for sacrifice which was offered in the place of Isaac, Christ was offered in the place of sinners. Abraham received his son back, Jesus Rose from the dead.

Our risen Lord has the power to heal and forgive sins. He tells the paralysed man "Have courage, son, your sins are forgiven" Touched by the faith and concern of the people who brought this paralysed man, Jesus was moved, he healed him both physically and spiritually. The scribes condemned and accused him to be blasphemous because of healing the paralytic man. Unlike human beings, he does not judge or condemn us. He longs for us to live fully and freely without sin and sickness. He is always ready to restore our health and allows us to stand before the one who created us in love.

My dear brothers and sisters, today we are taught to cast our worries and uncertainties to Jesus. He has the power to heal and to forgive. Abraham trusted in God and emerged victoriously. We see a happy ending of Abraham's great trial, God commends Abraham by saying " because you have not withheld from me your son, I will bless you, I asked for your precious possession and you gave it to me" God's grace is sufficient to each one of us.

I wish you a blessed day.


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