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8th July 2021


Genesis 44:18-21, 23b-29, 45:1-5

Psalm 105:16-17, 18-19, 20-21

Matthew 10:7-15

The story of Joseph in the bible is of one being sent ahead by God to preserve life, restore and reconcile the family of Israel. When famine spread across the land, Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to look for food. There Joseph, their brother whom they had sold into slavery and whom they presumed to be dead was alive and had risen to prominent position in Pharaoh's government. He supplied them with food though they did not recognise him.

In today's reading, Joseph could no longer control himself before his brothers. He broke down in tears of joy and revealed his identity. He also yearned to see his father and his younger brother, Benjamin. The brothers knowing how shamefully they treated Joseph feared that he would revenge upon them. But in holiness and mercy Joseph did not want revenge. He only wanted to help them because he knew that God had favoured him greatly. He lived the words which Jesus would proclaim centuries later "You received without pay, gift without pay."

With Joseph's narrative, we can reflect on several points:

  • Jealousy can ruin a family. Anger and jealous made his brothers to plot evil over him.

  • Joseph was a man of good character and integrity.

  • Be diligent and productive in your work.

  • God protected him in the midst of troubles.

  • We must keep off from sin at all cost. He was able to overcome seduction by Potiphar’s wife.

  • Joseph because of his faithfulness, he was promoted and blessed.

  • Joseph chose to forgive his brothers rather than revenging.

Today's gospel teaches us to proclaim the kingship of God which is close at hand. The kingship of God is fully present through Jesus Christ who gave the apostles the power to proclaim the gospel, cure the sick, raise the dead, heal lepers and liberate people from evil spirits. Today we are called to proclaim the kingship of God by our words, actions and lifestyle. To bring healing and hope to desperate and marginalised people. We are also called to detached ourselves from material possessions and learn to trust in divine providence.

We should not find security in material things but in God who is the provider and giver of all things. Lastly, we are called to support the missionary work of Jesus Christ. This means that we should treat those entrusted with preaching the gospel e.g., the Deacons, Priests, Bishops etc. with hospitality by embracing and supporting them in their ministry.

I wish you all a blessed day.


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