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15 April 2021


After having been miraculously released from jail and returned to the temple to continue their preaching in the name of Jesus, the Apostles were re-arrested and brought again before the Sanhedrin, the ruling council of the Jews. They were accused of two things. - They continued to preach in the name of Jesus. - They were blaming the Jewish leadership for Jesus ' death. Today, therefore, we are called to follow in the footsteps of the Apostles who stood before the whole Sanhedrin or the Jewish High Council facing opposition and bitter resentment. Peter and the other Apostles firmly rejected and resisted the commands of the Sanhedrin, and stated with great determination and conviction that they would rather obey God and His commandments rather than to obey and follow the commands of fallible men, those who failed to understand the truth of God and those who stubbornly refused to believe in Him because of their pride and arrogance, their desire for fame and power.

In the Gospel, Jesus gives the testimony of truth revealing the fullness of the long-planned salvation of mankind that only the One Who had come down from Heaven is above all. Jesus suffered and was rejected by many among the Sanhedrin, who handed Him over to the Romans to be condemned to death and crucified. He conquered death through his Resurrection. A hope of victory for all who believe in him. In attempting to follow God's will and truth, we will meet with opposition. Though the Apostles suffered opposition, they didn't give up, the courage they had in their conviction about Jesus, helped them to transform the world and influence other people with their lives. We should walk in the path of the Lord just as the Apostles did they endured to the end. In any event, we must live by the words of the apostles “better to obey God than men" Let us all discern carefully therefore what we should be doing, as we move forward in life. Let us make good use of the time and opportunities which we have been given, and be fruitful in all of our good efforts and endeavors, in what we do in each and every moments of our lives to glorify the Lord and to be a ray of hope for our fellow brothers and sisters who are suffering especially during this and the past year, that through us, they may experience God's, immeasurable love.

May God bless us all and have a blessed day. Amen.


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