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We all have knowledge of some kind or another. No one knows everything about everything, yet everyone has some knowledge about some things. We try to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. If we need a certain job done we get someone who knows something about that particular job. We don’t try to attempt what we know nothing about. We need to share what we know and to receive from others what they know. We serve out of our knowledge and receive out of our ignorance.

In our today’s gospel reading Jesus addresses the lawyers, the experts in the Jewish Law, theologians as we might call them today. Jesus states that they have taken away the key of knowledge, not going in themselves and preventing others from going in who wanted to. As theologians they should have recognized God acting in Jesus. However, not only have they failed to recognize God in Jesus; they have prevented others from doing so.

Their religious knowledge was an obstacle to God’s work in their own lives and in the lives of others. Whatever knowledge we have, in whatever area, including the area of religion, it has to serve our relationship with God and other people’s relationship with God. Our search for knowledge is, ultimately, a search for God and needs to be at the service of that greater search.


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