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7TH JUNE 2022

If the salt loses its taste, with what can it be seasoned? It is no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

The various names God gives His children in the Bible. Some are: sheep, brethren, little ones, etc. When Jesus gives us the name of "salt", He is reminding us that we have the opportunity and the responsibility to be an influence in the world.

It was possible for salt in that day to lose its flavor. The salt used then was far different from that which we see today. Our salt is a chemical compound called chloride of sodium or sodium chloride. The salt used in the ancient world was either mined from the salt cliffs along the Dead Sea, which were 7 miles long and several hundred feet high, or it was evaporated from the waters of the Dead Sea.

Either way, it was always mixed with mineral or vegetable matter. When this substance was exposed to the elements or when it touched the earth, the salt lost its salty taste. Even the surface salt that was dug from the cliffs was discarded because exposure to the light rendered it tasteless. This tasteless salt also lost all the qualities that made it so valuable and sought after to begin with.

It is possible for Christians to lose their saltiness as well. This happens to us when we, just like salt in ancient times, come into too close contact with the world. When get to be more like the world than we are like the Lord, then we have lost that thing that sets us apart and makes us valuable to the Lord's Kingdom work.

Today we are called upon to avoid the danger of losing the taste. Too often, we allow our wells to get filled with junk! The Event in Gen. 26:1518. When we allow our wells to be filled with the world's junk then we are practically useless to the Lord and His Kingdom work. We must never give anyone cause to say, "If that is a Christian, then I never want to be one." Instead, our lives ought to motivate people to say, "That is what I want my life to be." Be the salt of the world.


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