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28TH JUNE 2022


Trust the Lord to do right in the storms of life.

When the day was over, He (Jesus) called His disciples to set sail for the other side of the lake. There is a sense in which we are all involved in a journey today. We are sailing toward an unseen port. As we sail, storms will arise and toss our little vessels.

When they come, they are often severe and cause us great anguish and pain. The storms of suffering blow into our lives and devastate us with heartache, heartbreak and turmoil. One problem will arise after another and they will bury us under a blizzard of affliction. Many of us could testify about the storms of suffering. Others face storms of sorrow. Someone you love is called away by death and it leaves you grief stricken and shaken by the loss. Sorrow touches every life!

We will often think the storms are going to destroy us. Like the disciples we tend to Doubt His Concern and Commitment For us. Remember, it was Jesus Who had sent them out onto the sea in the first place. These men had left everything to follow Jesus and now He has led them into an impossibly dangerous situation. They are afraid the Jesus is just going to let them all die. Jesus was in their boat and they were still afflicted by a storm of sorrow.

Our Lord wants you to know that your storms were not sent to destroy you, but to develop you. Sometimes, He sends the storms to educate us and to teach us to trust. His purpose is not to hurt us, but to grow us. You can always trust the Lord to do right in the storms of life.

He can still your storms. If it is a storm of suffering; He can ease your pain. If it is a storm of sorrow; He can comfort your soul. If it is a storm of sin; He can deliver you and set you free. Do you need to hear Jesus say “Peace, be still” to your storm? If you do, bring it to Him and watch

Him work. St Irenaeus did so. May he intercede for us


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