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7th September 2021


Today, St Paul continues to encourage the Christian faithful of Collosea not to allow people to drive them away from Christ with worldly promises rather they should walk with Christ, their life should be rooted in Christ, built in Christ and their lives should be abounding in thanksgiving. This is the same encouragement being shared with us today. Today worldly glamour makes Christian virtues unattractive but we are urged not to be overcome by these worldly glamours but to be attached to Christ in all our ways.

One of the ways that links us constantly to our Christian virtues is through prayer. Jesus was the example of prayer. In all his decisions He contacted God in prayer. Today, before making the choice of the 12 disciples, He prayed the whole night and then made the choice. There was a strong link between Jesus and prayer. We are also called to be hooked to Jesus whom we have accepted in Baptism like we are being encouraged by St Paul in the first reading of today.

Why was Jesus a prayerful person? In other words, what does prayer do in the life of a person?

1. Prayer protects and strengthens the one who prays. It gives room for one to pour out what lies deep in a person.

2. It heals one from all pains, be they spiritual, physical, emotional or psychological.

3. It draws one closer to God and makes one see and interpret things that happens in one's life from the perspective of God. This makes us accept the will of God in our lives and making us spiritually strong.

4. It makes you a happy unselfish person, drawing you fro egoism to being altruistic.

These are but four benefits of being a person of prayer. With prayer one is hooked to Christ like St Paul encouraged the Christians of Collosea.


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