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14th September 2021


When Moses brought the people of God out of Egypt, heading towards the promised Land, the people could not see far beyond their noses. They complained because they failed to see God's hand in what was happening, in their journey. They started to grumble against God and against Moses. They even became so bitter that their bitterness displeased God. We may sometimes be very judgemental against these people who displeased God, but we may also, however, find ourselves in the same situation. We can liken the people going to the promised land and not knowing what is at the end of their journey to the construction of a new road. When a new road is being constructed, the ordinary eye is able to see how the road will end up being. But the engineers and contractors are always aware of what they are doing and what the outcome will be. If we but take our time to wait till the end product is ready, we will be very joyful. The same was true of the Israelites on the way to the promised Land, they did not know what was at the end.

They got impatient at the spot or place where they were, and they condemned God and Moses. How many times have I been displeased with God in the situation I find myself? How many times have I even thought that God has abandoned me due to the situation I find myself in? How many times have been impatient with God? We may not be able to see where God is leading us but we must remember that, though we may be confused at this stage, God will always lead us to the best.

Today, we celebrate the exaltation of the cross and this brings us to the point of our lives where we also have to reflect on the meaning of the cross in our lives. Like Nicodemus, when he reached the crossroad of his life, he contacted Jesus. Jesus told Nicodemus that when the son of God is lifted high on the cross, anyone who looks up to him will be saved. We are called, brothers and sisters, to look up to the cross, from there we shall find our salvation. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, looking up to the cross will be our salvation.

Do not forget the works God has done in your life.

May I never forget the works of the Lord


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