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28th September 2021


Zech 8,20-23

Psa 87,1-3.4-5.6-7

Luke 9,51-56

Jesus in the gospel today ignores the suggestion of his apostles to call down fire from heaven to consume the Samaritans who would not welcome HIM to their village because he was on his way to Jerusalem, and also remembering St POPE JOHN PAUL II passion for FORGIVENESS for the young man who shot him. These are challenges for us to look at our own responses to others when they wrong us. When I face opposition or am not welcomed how do I respond?

Beloved, *whenever we experience hurt in life, it’s understandable that we feel this way. We tend to want justice and revenge and want those who hurt us to pay for their sin.* But Jesus’ attitude was much different. He rebuked His Apostles for their desire of wrath and moved on not allowing this rejection to affect Him. *Rejection and other forms of hurt caused by others can be difficult to let go of. It can easily remain within our hearts, acting like a mold that slowly grows and takes over.*

Therefore my dear brothers and sisters, the best way to approach the hurt caused by another is to immediately act as our Lord did. *We must let go and move on. God is the only one to issue vengeance, not us. When we fail to do this and harbour the hurt feelings, they ultimately do us more harm than anyone else.*

Reflect, today, upon any feelings of anger or hurt that you still harbour in your heart. Make a conscious choice to forgive and move on because the act of forgiving another is also an acknowledgment that there was a wrongdoing. Be BLESSED.


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