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Rom 8:18-25

Psalm 126:1b-2ab, 2cd-3, 4-5, 6

Lk 13:18-21

The Lord has done marvels for us. When we look at the first reading, St. Paul shows us that the presence of Jesus will restore creation back to its original state, not only humanity but whole of creation. St. Paul presents the whole of creation as a single process of childbirth. Limiting the salvation that Jesus brought only to humanity, will seeing only be seeing a partial part of salvation. Sal action is for all of creation. This brings to the fore Ecology. It is also our responsibility to protect what God has given to us, our world.

St. Paul sees salvation brought by Jesus covering all of creation, thus it is not only humanity that is saved in Christ. All creation is saved in him thus restoring the initial glory of creation. St. Paul's view of salvation helps us to become aware of the oneness of creation, the harmony of creation before the emergence of sin in the book of Genesis before sin invaded it.

The Gospel Reading the kingdom is presented to us compared to a mustard seed which is a very small seed so we may not consider it as important among the variety of seeds in the world. Yet despite its insignificant nature, when given the opportunity, it grows into a tree offering shelter to the birds of the air. It has within itself the potential that cannot be seen when actualized gives the best. When we perform our ordinary duties to the best of our abilities, we cooperate with God in the restoration of creation. We need the grace to see and believe that our little and insignificant actions are important in building God’s kingdom in our midst.


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