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The Lord hears the Cry of the poor.

Jesus shares this parable of a man having two sons and he goes to request of them assistance. The first son replied I won't go and work. Upon second thought decided to go. He did his father's will after thinking about it. In our midst, we have people who will always oppose any decision that is made, they will fight it tooth and nail. They may be fighting not because it isn't good but to get more clarification. Then when all is clear they embrace it. During this season of Advent, the Lord is challenging us to a better transformation of our lives. Though the demands may look radical, it is for our own good. Sometimes our reflection may include crying back to the Lord to embrace us and our frailty. For He hears the cry of the poor.

The second son immediately responded that he will go and do the work but he did not go to do the work. This second child can be referred to as someone who listens to the voice of the Lord, strongly agrees to do the work, strongly agrees to prepare himself for the Advent season and does nothing. The period of Advent is slowly creeping to a close and he has done nothing.

What have you done as the season slowly comes to an end? Which of the two sons are you? Please reflect on it and act fast. God bless you


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